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Best iPad games: the top free and paid-for titles around

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  1. Luis Rice says:

    I'm very surprised that none of the infinite blade games are on here

  2. Prof. Richmond Hickle II says:

    I think devs should invest heavily into Hitman GOLara Croft GO style games…at least the LCG style, anyway. I see them as revolutionary for touchscreen devices and could be a way to challenge consoles for making mobiles the go-to system for enjoyable gaming. They have no need for an external control method and are perfectly suited to touchscreen-based controls.

  3. Roscoe Cassin V says:

    I like the fact you've included my favorite racing games. I predict that iPad flexibility and the new iPad accessories like the iPad racing wheel will make 2015 the best year for us, the ios racers.

  4. Mr. Gianni White V says:

    No Hearthstone or Kingdom Rush???? Really?
    Other than that – good list ^^

  5. Mr. Colby Kris DDS says:

    60 pages? Fuck you.

  6. Orion Satterfield says:

    WTF <3

  7. Walker Rowe says:

    Great List! But why missed the Impossible FEFA? It's also a great game if you are a Soccer / FIFA lover!

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