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BT is now trialling blazing 40Gbps broadband

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  1. Fellwalker says:

    Will it make techradar web site open any faster? I often find that the sources of whatever I’m trying to browse or download are the biggest problems. Some deliver fairly quickly, but none max out my BT Infinity 2, so what value this is to the normal user I struggle to understand. The eBay turbo lister app is by far the worst, getting its updates at a few measly kb/s. Windows 10 anniversary arrived at a snail’s pace. Many web sites have so much junk in terms of adverts, social media buttons, and that damned taboola which is worse than Trump in its lies, that faster Internet won’t help. It is the browsers themselves that can’t process all those parallel sources at once.

  2. Pyrobri says:

    Coming soon to London only because why would the rest of the country want fater internet.
    We struggle to get over 10MB where we are, and it’s fibre believe it or not!
    And we still can’t get 3G indoors.
    I wish they would just finish a roll out across the entire country before focussing on the NEXT thing!!

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