Buying Guide: 10 best 2-in-1 laptops 2016: top hybrid laptops reviewed

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  1. Cristina Schaefer II says:

    Same thing, have the X230t and waiting for better … look at Yoga 15. I've upgraded one to 32Gb of RAM with IM modules
    Only problem with this one, I was expecting a stylus but Lenovo can't make the stylus work. They say it have it, in reality it doesn't, it is an option .. but not an available option :-). Then after month, the option is finally available but commands have been canceled as the stylus finally doesn't work. So if you don't need the stylus, it can be a good option. If you need a stylus, just pray for Lenovo to sell what they say they are selling

  2. Ettie Lynch says:

    all acers, asus and hp machines i have owned have bad hinges n display issues. Samsung are ok never tried toshiba

  3. Vena Pfeffer DDS says:

    Acer Aspire R13 is the best Convertible Laptop…Good Performance, Strong Battery life and Fantastic Graphics…Modes are limitless, it can go to ipad mode in two ways…No cons for me yet as per this laptop.

  4. Elissa Schiller says:

    No penabled tablet exists with the scope of handling high end games like fallout 4 at reasonable framerates of 30fps+

    Best bet is to buy a wacom medium sized tablet and use this with your more powerful laptop that has lots of ram, a GTX card.. NOT GT , 16 to 32gb ram and a quad core latest gen processor, not the watered down dual cores they push in most 'gaming' laptops. If you do the right research you can end up with a powerful portable workstation also capable of high end gaming and it won't cost an arm and leg.

    Alternatively you can wait for a penabled lappie with GTX dedi graphics, 16+ gb ram and quad core latest gen i7+ processor to get released but might not happen till next year if at all.

  5. Elissa Okuneva says:

    Ummm it's #3?

  6. Cletus Tremblay says:

    I call bullshit. Pretty much any new medium/high end laptop is able to handle high end games without any issues. I'm thinking Lenovo y50 and it's kin.

  7. Dr. Angelica Greenfelder Sr. says:

    I can't speak to the Vaio Duo debacle; I've heard similar reports. I'm on my fourth – a VAIO S15 Core I7. Since I'm hoping Vaio returns to the US, I performed surgery on my machine, removed the optical drive and installed 2 Samsung EVO PRO 1Tb SSDs (not in RAID) just C and D. Very, Very happy. I work in graphics software all day long and its like a brand new machine. I have a Z for travel. Shame that Vaio lost its way – here's hoping that they resurrect.

  8. Brad Flatley says:

    I've been extremely pleased with X230t and X61t. Got myself a Helix that has given me nothing but troubles. It's been on warranty repairs twice to no avail and is unstable after upgrade to Win.10, weird bugs and an office program suite that keeps crashing. Lenovo has a serious challenge if they want to maintain the ThinkPad brand and defininitely lost me as a loyal business customer. Just now unpacking my new Dell as a replacement try-out.

  9. Scarlett Pollich V says:

    lenovo machines are solid but their customer support and recent downturns are concerning.

  10. Conrad Stroman says:

    HP Pavilion X2 10.1… supports an active stylus and has a softcover (now hard) keyboard included. Decent laptop replacement.

  11. Haleigh Rau says:

    That's pretty hard for a slim laptop keyboard

  12. Hector Hackett says:

    It should be there but at the moment Lenovo can't deliver the stylus with the 15 one (despite what their web site say)

  13. Mr. Wilfred Maggio V says:

    I've a Sony Vaio Fit 15".. still the best one… it flips the screen back then closes the lid on top of the keyboard… So no worries about crushing the keyboards underneath, and a full size laptop. I use it as a tablet in my train commute and laptop at work or home.

  14. Prof. Tristian DuBuque says:

    which is the best for gaming and drawing with stylus? can run fallout 4 and use photoshop?

  15. Keagan Prohaska says:

    The graphics in the keyboard for the surface book is Genius. Think of the upgrade possibilities if Microsoft continues with this!!!

  16. Cathryn Muller says:

    No Surface Pro 4??.. The king of the 2in1's…. What the what??? If the keyboard doesn't detach no ones using it as a tablet. The Surface Pro is the post portable and one of the most powerful laptops on the market.

  17. Cindy Okuneva says:

    Looks like this is a 2016 update of a 2015 article, and what a shoddy job you've done of it! As I say to my kids: "read through what you've written before you submit it". I am amazed at the number of errors in the above…

  18. Santina Christiansen says:

    Optical drives are pretty much obsolete these days with USB being very cheap, fast, reusable and able to store much more data. And especially in these paper thin 2-in-1s where every bit of space matters, there is absolutely no reason to waste in on an optical drive.

  19. Prof. Addie Howe says:

    Not the Yoga 3 Pro because it's battery life is garbage and the M processor crippled it. Go for the Spectre if you liked the form factor of the Yoga Pro 3

  20. Zoila Little says:

    Totally agree

  21. Turner Barton says:

    The new Microsoft Surface Books are the closest thing to the ideal device but they need to get a better dGPU built into the keyboards before they show any significant value. Currently they are sporting the equivalent to a GT940m with 1GB GDDR5 memory.

    They need a minimum of a GTX970 to be of true value for the price being asked.

  22. Stephania Strosin says:

    Lol, is fool that you argue that ONE brand is the only option, there is no BETTER product, they all adjust to an specific need. And people to people have DIFFERENT needs, so stop being close minded.

  23. Angelica Ebert says:

    It annoys me that number 1 is the i5 surface pro but the links are to the m3 version which is wayyyy inferior

  24. Stella Parisian says:

    Actually R7 is the best kept secret in laptops imo. And they went and screwed it up with the new "edition" where the moved the mouse pad before the keyboard. You can also get it pretty cheap these days, as people are selling them.

  25. Dr. Sophie Bahringer says:

    The main reason I will not buy one. PS – Like your posting name

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