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Here’s one way the LG G6 may be a big step up from the G5

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  1. Tom Howe says:

    Are either of those things necessary, good, or useful? Wireless charging is cool, but so far seems to always be slower and less reliable. Curved screens are flashy, but dont really do anything useful enough to consider them a necessity. Honestly at this point all I want is a phone with no gimmicks and no weird design stuff just for the sake of attention.

  2. James M. says:

    The phone is 6 months away and they’re already telling us how it will be another inferior product. I’ll stay with my G3.

  3. Kevin Davis says:

    A glass back, but no wireless charging, of the current variety, or any other. Yes, LG stupidity is alive and well.

  4. Joe Tang says:

    “Of course, trading a metal back for a glass one does compromise durability. Where metal will bend, glass will shatter. Samsung Galaxy owners know the pain of shattered glass backs all too well.”

    No mention of the thousands of iPhones with glass back smashing??

    1. TrickyDickie says:

      Shush! Lol

  5. noh1bvisas says:

    it’ll be hard to be a bigger flop than the g5.

  6. bradavon says:

    The G5 is a disappointment.

    LG dropped the ball by removing the App Drawer, to then bring it back, to then remove it again for the V20 :-/.

    The G5 is also dull as dishwater looking. And this is important now Samsung, Sony, Apple and HTC all have great looking phones.

    The G5 Add-ons are nifty but way, way to niche.

    p.s. Its a pity a phone so dull still has a removable battery. Something I’m disappointed only LG still see value in.

    1. Pest Remover ? says:

      Whattt?! What’s wrong with a removable battery? So much easier to replace when the cells go bad and the battery puffs up. You could also carry an extra battery and swap it on the spot.

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