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HTC 10 release date: where can I get it?

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  1. Janae Wiza PhD says:

    Its just me stating my opinion based on the facts we have now.
    You are of course free to disagree but why not spend a little time stating why you disagree ?
    People seem very ready to put down peoples opinions based on nothing it would seem except wanting to, maybe to make themselves feel better about their own lives ?

  2. Mr. Derick Hudson says:

    I think people will start looking away from so called flagship phones in the next couple of years.
    There are no real innovations coming through. LG tried at least but the add ons to the G5 are gimmicks at best.
    Samsung have given us the waterproof S6 now which is about as far as that can go innovations wise.
    With processing power not needing to increase and screen size/pixel density being about optimum now all we really need now are improvements in battery life which should happen with the next iteration of Android with its improved doze mode as well as any other optimisations the manufacturers can make.
    That alongside lower pricing are all I can see that can be used as selling points in the foreseeable future.

  3. Jefferey Schuppe I says:

    That is very short sighted. Luckily not everybody shares the same sentiment or we would have no great inventions or innovation.

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