Leica Unveils Its First-Ever Red Lens

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  1. Stanislaw Zolczynski says:

    Red is Bad.

  2. Mihir says:

    Oh dear, It came out too late, would have fit in as a perfect accessory to my halloween costume. bloody ‘ed.

  3. Terry says:

    OMG!!!…..Leicablad, dress it up and sell for more………..?

  4. Maxx Laurenzi says:


  5. Travis Bickle says:

    Just when everyone said it couldn’t be done

  6. saywhatuwill says:

    That’s heckacool.

  7. pourio says:

    This lens will make you a better photographer.

  8. Corky says:

    Looks inflamed.

  9. Alfred Stephen says:

    I have two acquaintance who knows nothing about photography but covered in cash who recently bought Leica probably as an upgrade to smartphone camera. I will now start the countdown clock to see which one will be the first to post this hideous waste-of-money in her instagram.

  10. Blay Breemritz says:

    I’m going to buy this and then wrap it in black duct tape so as to deter thieves.

  11. Paul Torcello says:

    I hope it’s very ‘limited’

  12. Gabby B. Dorrington says:

    Leica needs to put in some serious work on aesthetics. Sorry, but this kit is just fugly.

  13. Paul Torcello says:

    It will put you in the ‘red’

  14. JasonsArgonauts says:

    I don’t know what everyone’s problem with this lens and Leica in general is. I, for one will be placing a pre-order.

    *Some or all of that statement may be a lie.

  15. Simon Patterson says:

    When I glimpse bright red photography equipment in the corner of my eye, I’ll now need to look twice to see if it’s a Nikon d3300 or a Leica 50mm f/2.

  16. yassarian says:

    It’s probably sold out already, so the jokes on you poor blokes. 😮 I’m gonna now go back to burning money

  17. Terry_Clark says:

    Shark successfully jumped.

  18. Zos Xavius says:

    Thanks petapixel. I just ordered 2.

  19. Otto says:

    This will go perfectly with red rubber ping pong camera!

  20. Dan says:

    What happened to Stefan Daniels’ promise not to profiteer off their customers…
    Still, not as tacky as the Lenny Kravitz pre-brassed edition.

  21. Trota says:

    desperate, I’m telling you.. they are desperate, seeing their market eroded by all the competitors!

  22. Realspear says:

    What’s next? A blue dot for the first time?

  23. Pete L. says:

    Pretty sure a can of red spray paint at Home Depot costs less than $1000.

  24. Lord Bokeh ⒹⒶ says:

    As camera lenses are expensive for many reasons – anyone who buys this will be advertising that they just, shelled out nine grand.

  25. FBPhotography says:

    I’ll buy a Zeiss otus or two for that money, thank tou

  26. x_x says:

    It’ll look great in a collectors safe!

  27. FelipeGR says:

    Looks like a MeFoto tripod.

  28. wilson says:

    Wow, it’s RED, it’s a RED Leica lens!!!!
    And PLUS it’s got a grey leather case!!! Incredible! What innovation!!!
    My boring black and sliver copies of the lens are now obsolete because all the other Leicaphiles will know I don’t have *this* year’s version. The RED on the outside makes it even sharper and takes a stop off the aperture in the specifications, right?

    Apple’s got nothing on Leica when it comes to luxury marketing.

  29. Michael Palmer says:

    Wake me up when its around $8000 cheaper.

    1. Len Ovich says:

      Thank you!

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