LG Stylus 2 review

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  1. Michael Garry says:

    “In my view, rear-mounted buttons were an interesting experiment that should probably have been discarded by now.”

    Stopped reading right there. One of the best things about LG phones in the past and you want them removed? For what? Side buttons that are just awkward to hold?

    When I bought my LG G2 years ago it was the price, the buttons on the back and the double-tap unlock that were the major features. All these years later, and those are the things that keep me using the same G2.

    1. toboev says:

      There is safety in the pack for reviewers, so naturally they all toe the same line on opinion. They also hunt in packs, and woe betides any manufacturer that dissents from the ‘official’ view about ‘premium’. So most phones now are near indistinguishable one from another and the only debate is who copied who first.
      I think rear buttons look like a great idea. I am fed up hitting the side buttons accidentally on my Note 4, and yet paradoxically they never seem to be there when I need them!

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