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Microsoft has a clever plan to secure Windows 10 devices

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  1. Dejah Harris says:

    One ring to rule them all. I'll pass.

  2. Lamar Reinger says:

    What are the "gimmicks"?

  3. Stefanie Considine says:

    I haven't read into it too much but I know there is a lot of paranoia around TPM and Gov spying.

  4. Nyasia Bahringer III says:

    I jumped ship after using Windows 10 for a couple of months. Not that it is all bad, but I just didn't like the direction MS is taking, together with the privacy issues. Now a happy Linux user (Ubuntu 16.04)

  5. Pearlie Veum says:

    I would love to use Linux but I cant run most of the programs I need to run on it. No I refuse to use any kind of virtualization. That would be like buying a Mac so I can put Windows on it.

  6. Mr. Fernando Muller says:

    Tampering? I'll do what I damned well like with the hardware I buy. If Microsoft don't want me to buy their stuff, I don't care.

  7. Kamren Von says:

    Just a tip give Codeweavers Crossover a try. Its a fancy easy to use version of Wine so you can run Windows programs natively in Linux, no virtualisation. Its compatible with a huge amount of software, worth a try if there is some software you cant live without.
    Its worth the money for me (about £38) I have everything I need.

    It does support games too but only up to DirectX 9 I think. So if you are big into your gaming then Windows is the only way.

  8. Houston Bartoletti DVM says:

    Same here, been Windows since 3.1 but now moving over. Not just for privacy but found Win10 to be buggy. I find that MS are focusing too much on useless gimmicks instead of the basics.

  9. Dr. Jazmyne Auer says:

    what about legacy machines? interesting how this comes out shortly after them saying that sales of laptops and desktops are falling.

  10. Dr. Modesto Marks says:

    As a developer I have to virtualize some OS'es or carry multiple laptops / devices around. Like building iOS apps, or Windows apps. But most of my work can be done in Linux using cross platform tools (IntelliJ)
    Linux on the desktop might not be for everyone, but it sure works for me.

  11. Dr. Lamar Conroy says:

    Have fun in caveman land..Ubuntu is brutal

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