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Now Samsung says Note 7 replacements are safe to use [Updated]

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  1. pablo alvarez says:

    I am waiting eagerly for my replacement in Mexico, I am having no second thoughts about this phone

  2. Brian Wolters says:

    I’ll continue to use my Note 7……..until my Pixel arrives around the 21st. I’m just not so sure about the Note 7 anymore.

  3. marksapolloa says:

    I’m taking some of these reports of so called fault replacement phones with a pinch of salt. If your device caught fire, just why would you refuse Samsung to have the phone and instead run off to the media….
    Best thing to do is go by the official statements. Or buy a Note 5, you can import it or even buy it if Amazon UK.

  4. JP says:

    i’d be unlikely to drop the best part of a grand on a device that I couldn’t trust. its a shame as Samsung are producing some of the best phones at the moment

  5. bradavon says:

    Adding to the muddy water some people have been reporting faulty phones which aren’t faulty. I’m not sure why you’d do this though.

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