Samsung Galaxy J3 review (2016): Another superb low-cost smartphone from Samsung

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  1. Mary O Sullivan says:

    Good phone if you have a Brewsters Millions type challenge to throw your money away in as efficient a way as possible.

    I bought this phone and got many many long…days of use…precisely 18
    in point of fact.
    Battery ran low in work and ran out before I could charge it. I thought
    no problem and used my car charger, this was a no go.
    Went home at the end of the day and used my two main chargers in
    succession, this also did nothing.

    I took off the Otterbox I bought with the phone and removed the battery
    and ensured all was clear and bright and charged, no go.
    Tried another battery from someone I know with the exact same phone, no go. Brought to the shop, all dead. Nothing they could do.

    Refused to honour the warranty as I managed to drop the phone and crack the screen while trying to get off the back while trying the troubleshoot the problem myself.

    10/10 for regret, not the phone for Édith Piaf

  2. Agnes Stewart says:

    A colleague at work bought a Samsung Galaxy J3. Initially, it was a lot of fun …

    1. Den List says:

      Normal smartphone, but the price is high

  3. Josi Roshen says:

    The battery does not hold the promise of time

    1. Czarl Ke says:

      It not only holds a charge, but the charge for a long time. And at the same time is strongly heated

    2. Agnes Stewart says:

      Uhans A101 supports 10-point interface Multi-Touch, Umi London has a 2-point. And what a Samsung Galaxy J3? He loses?

  4. Josi Roshen says:

    The smartphone is not bad. It can be said that the frequency is low, the screen is small, etc. But I think that his main weakness – it is a high price!

    1. Agnes Stewart says:

      This smartphone video while driving is obtained poor quality. It would
      be like it Uhans A101, which is half cheaper, it would be great

  5. Sasha Schowalter says:
    1. Agnes Stewart says:

      Screen Size 4.97 “, 1.2GHz frequency, 1.5GB RAM, and price? Overstated.

      1. Den List says:

        We hope that these options will soon be improved

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