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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could get recalled…again

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  1. benjamin owuye jagun says:

    Still up until the Galaxy Note 7, it had been a great year for Samsung but it’s looking to be a sour end to 2016 for Samsung with this Note 7 exploding batteries debacle with reports that even the replacement Note 7’s are exploding.

  2. LTB says:

    Swansong Galaxy Note 7

  3. Dr. Stephen Falken says:

    Ouch, that was no fun.
    Can’t be other than curious about the lack of comments though.
    If this had been the second recall for iPhone 7 for similar reasons this article would have no less than 4 gazillion hateful posts from people that haven’t had a iPhone in years.

    1. Roger PhotoSkillz Skillin says:

      Give it a chance, it’s only been 2 hours

      1. Dr. Stephen Falken says:

        Perhaps, but I’m not holding my breath. It seems to be a pattern here.
        Apple bad, others not bad. No matter what.

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