The best GoPro photos in the world, prepare to lose your breath

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  1. Adam says:

    The photos are stunning! The colors are so rich and the photos are sharp! How come the colour of the photos that I’ve captured with my GoPro Hero 4 aren’t as rich as those here?

  2. johnw100 says:

    Love no.89 of the turtle, looks like its taking a selfie with the go pro.

    1. Yob Red says:

      Say hi to my friend, johnw100 The Digital Sock . 🙂

  3. Cameron says:

    Not true I have a gopro and I get these kind of pictures too. I don’t even have the best one and I get AMAZING pictures.

  4. banned49 says:

    whoopdi do a bunch of selfies

  5. apolloa says:

    WOW! Some amazing photos there, number 52 made me chuckle.

    1. ryanmackk says:

      ya there are some superficial photos here lol. Like this girl in #5 that happens to be reading her phablet while she snaps a photo of herself. Lol. Like what?

      1. johnw100 says:

        I think she`s just using an app to see use the phone as a viewfinder for the gopro

  6. Allen Robinson says:

    What’s Intagram?

  7. phikl says:

    That shark needs its gums looking at.

  8. ryanmackk says:

    I think the comments over sell the go pro. The images are poor. Only the locations are interesting. Composition is trash. Quality is awful. Looks like pics from a 1.3 megapixel flipphone

    1. Paparugz says:

      Digital Shock is right. imagine using DSLR while surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing and sky diving. Goodluck then 🙂

      1. ryanmackk says:

        DSLR lol? Why not take an Imax camera? 🙂

        1. johnw100 says:

          You missed the point of that comment didnt you?

    2. The Digital Sock says:

      If you are looking at these from a photography purest perspective you may be right. However, i’m not sure that there is many other cameras out there that are easily portable and would allow you to take these type of photos for under £300.

      I’m not a photography nut, but I like what I like. If I had taken any of those pics I would of been pretty chuffed with the results based on the conditions.

      1. Guest says:

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  9. Mark says:

    “The dark and light contrast prove no problem for the GoPro, probably going at speed.Photo 5 of 32”
    Looking at the speedo reading of 60kph (37mph), that’s some real speed right there!

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