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Windows 10 Mobile users: here’s how to get Facebook Messenger right now

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  1. Sibyl Lynch says:

    I'd wager the later:

    "What's not clear is whether Facebook is supporting the platform under
    its own steam or whether Microsoft is making more of a push to get big
    apps on there."

    The recent Facebook Windows 10 app is the first change since Facebook released their Windows 8.1 app 3 years ago :-/.

  2. Kameron Cummerata says:

    They've released apps as instagram before, and the apps were getting constantly updated, it is just that no features were added. Now with this app let's hope it will stay on par with other platforms feature vise since it is an iOS port

  3. Rosa Corkery says:

    Kind of a misleading article.. Messenger was available already on windows phone 8 but the app isn't as feature rich.

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