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Windows Phone users get tap-to-pay, one less reason to leave

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  1. Burley Pacocha says:

    Whoa whoa whoa… Wallet and Pay apps aren't a technological issue. The only tech issue at all is the ability to create virtual smartcards which all of the platforms can do, and how to get the core certificates into the virtual smartcard so that it can authenticate correctly.

    That last one is the REAL problem and it's not solvable by technology.

    Every bank who wants to participate has to set up a transaction server to validate requests (probably an OCSP server or some newer protocol like it) and register phones with appropriate certificates for authentication. That's why you can't just add any old credit or debit card to your e-wallet.

    Apple has been pretty aggressive at getting banks and credit card providers in multiple countries on board. Google has not – their Android Pay system only works in two countries – sort of – and a very limited range of banks.

    That leaves Wallet. The good news is that Apple and Google have done the ground work. The bad news is that historically, Microsoft sits back and waits for everyone to come to them. That's not going to happen this time.

    I hope Microsoft Wallet is a success – but I'll bet $10 that it won't be.

    And I probably won't be able to pay that with Microsoft Wallet.

    PS: Think I'm being negative? Well – you might want to check your 950 or 650, because there's already a Wallet app on it. Came with Win10 1115 – and it's not exactly useful.

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